Drainage Corrections


Do you notice a lot of water issues in the area around your house or other building? Does water accumulate on your lawn or your yard? Or in times of heavy rain, is there a constant ‘river’ running through your property? While these may seem like relatively minor issues, if this is a recurring problem, then it can cause extensive damage to your foundation and costly repairs. As Hutto’s number one provider of foundation repair services, we offer a range of drainage correction solutions which best suit your property and circumstances.

Soil Movement

If the existing drainage on your property is sub-standard, the water will affect the soil below your foundations, with the soil expanding when it gets soaked, then contracting when it dries out. This constant ‘movement’ will lead to damage to any type of foundation and needs addressed as quickly as possible. Our team of experienced professionals can fix foundation problems quickly by suggesting and installing the ideal drainage correction system. If you have noticed any drainage problems, then call us in as soon as possible to assess your needs.

French Drain

One of the most common drainage corrections solution is the ‘French Drain’. These are not designed to deal with larger amounts of water collecting on the surface or with standing water but to collect water and to prevent it finding its way under your building. French drains are usually installed in a trench made of loose rocks and/or gravel. They operate by dispersing any water downhill or, when no slope is on the property, the water can be sent to a pump. We offer the best top affordable French drain systems in the Hutto area and can install any system quickly and efficiently.

Surface Drain

If you notice water collecting within a metre or so of your foundations, then you likely need a surface drain. Failure to install proper drainage can lead to stress being placed on your foundations and eventually your entire building. A surface drain system – usually composed of a 12 x 12-inch drain and flexible PVC piping – collects the water at the ground level surrounding your building and moves it away. Where there is not sufficient natural sloping on your property, you may require a sump and pump installed. As your local foundation repair specialists, we can advise on which of these systems best suits your property in order to protect your foundations.

Other Solutions

As well as surface drains and French drains, there are other potential solutions. Perhaps the best known of these is a drywell. These are particularly effective for managing storm water drainage in flatter areas. Usually installed at the lowest point of your garden/yard, they can also be located at the main runoff point from your roof and gutters. Use of gravels can also help protect your garden from any contaminated water. If you are experiencing any sort of drainage issues and are looking for ‘foundation companies near me’, then call Hutto Foundation Repair Experts today.

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