Commercial Foundations

Like house foundations, the type of commercial foundations you choose can vary dependent on the soil and ground conditions at the site of construction and on what budget you are planning. The big difference with commercial foundations is that close attention has to be paid to what your building’s estimated load capacity is going to be. The parameters for this can vary greatly as they load capacity can change over time according to internal usage. For example, a warehouse may at one point stock ‘lightweight’ goods and at another ‘heavyweight goods’. These factors have to be taken into consideration when planning your foundations.

Piles Foundations.

Piles foundations are a type of deep foundation. Generally speaking, piled foundations are more than three times in depth than breadth. These sort of foundations are necessary where the load bearing capacity of the site surface soil is not sufficient to support the estimated load capacity so the burden is transferred to deeper layers which are able to bear the load with no issues. The piles are usually made from steel or specially strengthened reinforced concrete. You will often find piled foundations in larger structures such as office blocks, large warehouses, or factories. To prevent potential foundation problems later, use our professional service.

Spot and Continuous Spread Footings.

These types of foundations normally involve columns and or beams. They have a wider than normal footing which distributes the estimated load capacity into the soil or ground layers which surround the foundation of the site. Also known as shallow foundations, this is popular in many types of commercial buildings. For the best top affordable spot and continuous spread footings, Hutto Foundation Repair Experts have many years’ experience in installing the highest quality foundations to the best industry standards. These types of foundations not only give your building a stable base, but can evenly bear the weight of your foundation walls, and are efficient at preventing movement in high winds.

Mat Foundations

Also known as a raft foundation, this type of foundation consists of a thick concrete slab on the soil/ground layer which extends the footprint of the entire building. If you use our free foundation inspection estimate service, we may recommend this form of foundation where the soil has low bearing capacity. Mat foundations will distribute the entire structural load to the surrounding soil. By increasing the total load bearing area, we reduce the load bearing stress on surface soil.

Other Options

Depending on the assessment carried out by our professional teams, we may advise a different foundation system for your commercial construction. Monolithic slabs with grade beams can be used as a shallow foundation for planned buildings with lightly loaded foundations. Another option may be spread footings foundations. Normally composed of rebar and concrete, this type is a base for a wider bottomed foundation and have a low risk of failure. This type is also ideal to prevent issues such as sinking foundations or frost heaving. Contact Hutto Foundation Repair Experts to discuss your commercial foundation needs.

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