Pier and Beam Repair

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Pier and beam foundations are the common alternative to a concrete slabbing foundation. There are two primary types of these foundations; ones which have a concrete perimeter beam and those which do not. Buildings with a pier and beam foundation offers a securer base than a concrete slab foundation. Another feature of pier and beam foundation is that there will be crawlspace below your basement – or ground – floor, which can offer easy access to inspect the foundations and to assess whether any damage has occurred. Decisions on whether to use a pier and beam foundation are usually based on pre-build soil reports.

Main Components

There are three primary components to a pier and bean foundation system. The main anchors are known as ‘footings’ and are usually made from a combination of masonry and concrete. When installing, it is essential that footings are below the maximum depth of frost in your area. The pier part can be optional if you live in a milder climate (with little or no frost) but are also added if a larger crawlspace is required. Piers are usually made of specially-treated wood. Beams are laid across the piers and once installed, they are levelled. Floor joists are then laid on the beams at 90 degrees and floor boards are then usually placed on top of these joists.

Replacing or Repairing Wooden Beams

One of the most common pier and beam foundation repairs required is to the wooden beams or to other wooden parts of your crawlspace. Wood is susceptible to more damage than the concrete areas, and this can be due to moisture and water affecting the wood, or due to insect damage. Hutto Foundation Repair Experts have vast experience in dealing with all types of wood damage and, once our trained professionals have identified and assessed any damage, we can fix foundation problems quickly and efficiently.

How Do You Know You Have Problems?

What things can make you suspect you have foundation problems? If you notice any of the following, you should call us for a free foundation inspection estimate:

  • Sealing materials on windows is separating or cracking.
  • External wall cracks in brick or masonry work.
  • Flooring appears uneven.
  • Doors – exterior or interior – are sticking and hard to open.
  • Drywall cracks are appearing.

If any of these have appeared, then it is time to call in the professionals. The longer a problem is left untreated, the costlier the final repair can be.

Trust The Professionals

Hutto Foundation Repair Experts have been working in the industry for many years and always give 100% honest advice as to what work is needed. There are companies who will offer to ‘reduce costs’ by simply shoring up or adding to a damaged area. This can lead to an uneven load balance and could cost you a lot more in the long run. As the leading foundation repair contractor company in the Hutto area, we will always carry out repairs to the highest of industry standards.

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