Concrete Slab Repair


While concrete is one of the hardiest materials around, it is not impervious to damage. Various factors can lead to your concrete slabbing being damaged and if left untreated, it can lead to costlier repairs in the future. If you are experiencing foundation floor cracks or any similar concrete issues, then we are the leading foundation repair specialists in the Hutto, Texas area. With years of experience and a highly skilled tea of trained professionals, we can assess and repair damage promptly, giving you back your peace of mind.

Steel Corrosion

Damage can be caused to your concrete slabbing by the corrosion of the reinforcing steel rebar. Although normally protected from rust, if chloride ions are present, then this can erode the protective layer around the steel rebar. If this happens, then rust can occur which can lead to greater pressure and tension on the concrete which in turn can lead to cracks. As concrete is porous, the chloride ions can permeate the concrete from the surface when materials such as de-icing salts or similar are applied. We will assess the extent of any damage and advise on the best way to repair the entire structure.

Weather Damage

One of the most common sources of damage to your concrete slabbing comes from the elements. This is especially true in the winter to spring months when your concrete may experience various levels of freeze/thaw damage. With the porous nature of concrete, moisture getting into the concrete, freezing in sub-zero temperatures then thawing again can cause various types of damage. On the surface, your concrete slabs may experience ‘scaling’ and if untreated, this can lead to complete breakdown of your slabbing over time. If you see the first signs of any damage, then you need professional structural damage repair carried out as soon as possible.

Constant Traffic

In industrial or commercial locations, such as warehouses, your concrete flooring is subjected to constant pressure from the payloads being transported over it. This can lead to small cracks appearing – which can become larger without repair – and also to damage at any joints between the slabbing. As with any damage, this needs diagnosed and repaired quickly to prevent potential costs rising. Our slab repair service will visit your premises and assess the level of damage and what repairs are needed. And in commercial premises, we will carry out repairs while minimizing effects on your normal operations.


While a lot of the damage to concrete slabbing can come from above, potential problems can also come from the soil below your concrete. Poorly compacted soil at the time of laying the concrete, soil drying out due to drought, or soil becoming too wet due to flooding, can all lead to concrete damage. Hutto Foundation Repair Experts have many years of experience in identifying the exact cause of any concrete damage and we offer free foundation inspection estimates to help gauge the extent of the damage and the cost of any repairs needed.

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